Pilgrimage 2013: Mount Kailash

Mount Kailash, Zhang Zhung & the Guge Kingdoms: Western Tibet

August 02-25, 2013

A Cultural & Educational Expedition Hosted by Jonang Foundation

After the incredible 2011 journey through central Tibet, we are happy to announce that the biannual Jonang Foundation pilgrimage to power places in Tibet continues in 2013. Different from our previous pilgrimages, the 2013 expedition will have Tibet’s most sacred mountain — Mount Kailash — as the apex of the journey. We will embark southward from Tibet’s cultural capital in Lhasa  to the Great Stupa at Jonang and head to Mount Kailash, considered the axis of the cosmos, before exploring the ancient western Tibetan kingdoms of Zhang Zhung and Guge.

Meditation sessions, pilgrimage rituals, and discussions on Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan culture with Tulku Kunga Zangpo Rinpoche and myself will be integral to the journey.

See more details on the Jonang Foundation pilgrimage page.




The Panchen Lama Enumerations

There are different systems of reckoning Lobzang Chokyi Gyaltsen (1570-1662) as the first or the fourth in the incarnate line of the Panchen Lamas. This gives us two distinct enumerations of the Panchen Lamas.

Lobzang Chokyi Gyeltsen was conferred the title “Panchen Bhogto” (པཎ་ཆེན་བྷོག་ཏོ།) by Gushri Khan. Later in 1713, the title “Panchen Erteni” (པཎ་ཆེན་ཨེར་ཏེ་ནི།) was conferred to Panchen Lozang Yeshe by the Khanxi Emperor during the Qing Dynasty. According to Dungkar Rinpoche, the title “Panchen” was given to Lobzang Yeshe by Dalai Lama 05, initiating the formal recognition of this incarnation lineage (W26372; 1258).

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Buddhadharma Book Briefs: Spring 2012

by Michael Sheehy

A Torch Lighting the Way to Freedom (Shambhala 2011)
Making Zen Your Own (Wisdom 2012)
Tsongkhapa’s Praise for Dependent Relativity (Wisdom 2011)
Bringing Home Zen (Hawaii 2011)
The Lovelorn Ghost and the Magical Monk (Columbia 2011)
The Lankavatara Sutra (Counterpoint 2012)
Jamgon Mipam (Shambhala 2011)
The Range of the Bodhisattva (Columbia 2011)



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Jonang Takten Monastery 3D

We have released the initial stage of our 3D map of the Jonang Takten Monastery campus in central Tibet. For an introduction to this project, see the post on As this project develops, we’ll be adding further details about this site including images from inside the monastery such as its famous wall murals, a catalog of texts printed in the printery, and descriptions based on Taranatha’s own writings. New features will allow viewers to virtually navigate Takten Monastery.

View the Takten Monastery Interactive Map.


Tibetan Literary Genres & Subjects

With our recent launch of the revised library, we are stressing the distinction between Genres (རྩོམ་རིགས།) and Subjects (བརྗོད་བྱ།), and inherent tensions that lie therein. This distinction is a result of our methodology for classification, based on our practices of categorizing texts according to their topics over the past several years. It is part of a more rigorous assessment of the structure and organization of Tibetan literature as a whole within our digital holdings.

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Buddhist Language & Poetics

Join us Wednesday nights this spring on campus in the village to read poetic selections from Tibetan verses. I’d like to spend some time discussing Tibetan poetic theory & sense. We’ll read a variety of materials from poets such as Saraha, Milarepa, Shabkar, and modern selections.

Course starts January 25th. Registration is open through Continuing Education at The New School; see, Tibetan at The New School for more information …

Download the course flyer, tibetanpoetics.

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