Tibetan Literary Genres & Subjects

With our recent launch of the revised library, we are stressing the distinction between Genres (རྩོམ་རིགས།) and Subjects (བརྗོད་བྱ།), and inherent tensions that lie therein. This distinction is a result of our methodology for classification, based on our practices of categorizing texts according to their topics over the past several years. It is part of a more rigorous assessment of the structure and organization of Tibetan literature as a whole within our digital holdings.

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Buddhist Language & Poetics

Join us Wednesday nights this spring on campus in the village to read poetic selections from Tibetan verses. I’d like to spend some time discussing Tibetan poetic theory & sense. We’ll read a variety of materials from poets such as Saraha, Milarepa, Shabkar, and modern selections.

Course starts January 25th. Registration is open through Continuing Education at The New School; see, Tibetan at The New School for more information …

Download the course flyer, tibetanpoetics.


Buddhadharma Book Briefs: Winter 2011

by Michael Sheehy

The Teachings of Master Wuzhu (Columbia 2011)
The Hidden Life of the Sixth Dalai Lama
 (Lexington 2011)
Meditations of a Buddhist Skeptic
 (Columbia 2011)
The Bodhisattva’s Brain
 (MIT 2011)
Mahamudra and Related Instructions
 (Wisdom 2011)
Zen Questions
 (Wisdom 2011)
The Buddha and His Dhamma
 (Oxford 2011)
Tibetan Yogas of Body, Speech, and Mind
 (Snow Lion 2011)
Principles of Buddhist Tantra
 (Wisdom 2011)