Towards Contemplative Fluency: Workshop on Tibetan Buddhist Contemplative Practices

KYOTO, Japan
Thursday & Friday, October 26-27, 2023
Hosted by the Research Group on Mindful Living at Kyoto University, Seifūsō Villa
See flyer with details and workshop program.

Register by October 17.
Sen an email to [email protected] indicating your name and affiliation.


This 2-day intensive workshop course is an in-depth slow think about how to make sense of Tibetan Buddhist contemplative practices in light of our multi-millennial contemplative human heritage. The workshop presents new models and methods for the study of meditation with case examples drawn from practices of attention, imagination, and embodiment. We will explore mindfulness, open awareness, visualization, dreaming and illusion, sense-making, and remedial practices. Participants will be introduced to basic building-blocks and underlying mechanisms to work towards contemplative fluency – a practical know-how sensitive to distinct skills, contexts, and potentials.