Mount Kailash, Zhang Zhung & the Guge Kingdoms: Western Tibet

August 02-25, 2013

A Cultural & Educational Expedition Hosted by Jonang Foundation

After the incredible 2011 journey through central Tibet, we are happy to announce that the biannual Jonang Foundation pilgrimage to power places in Tibet continues in 2013. Different from our previous pilgrimages, the 2013 expedition will have Tibet’s most sacred mountain — Mount Kailash — as the apex of the journey. We will embark southward from Tibet’s cultural capital in Lhasa  to the Great Stupa at Jonang and head to Mount Kailash, considered the axis of the cosmos, before exploring the ancient western Tibetan kingdoms of Zhang Zhung and Guge.

Meditation sessions, pilgrimage rituals, and discussions on Buddhist philosophy and Tibetan culture with Tulku Kunga Zangpo Rinpoche and myself will be integral to the journey.

See more details on the Jonang Foundation pilgrimage page.