Tibetan Inner Science

Research project that explores embodiment, imagination, and cultural psychology through the study of a series of Tibetan Buddhist contemplative practices. The central premise of the project, the idea of a “Tibetan inner science” (bod kyi nang rig) is that historical Tibetan contemplative traditions have practical and conceptual frameworks that can enrich current theoretical and methodological approaches in the humanities and mind sciences. This project seriously engages these traditions in a process of cross-cultural translation through an examination of the history of science in Tibet, Buddhist models of mind, and the cultural psychology of specific contemplative techniques. Drawing from Tibetan source literature, the project contributes to the ongoing dialogue between Buddhism and contemporary experimental science, particularly neuroscience and cognitive ecology, in order to enhance scientific and phenomenological understandings and descriptions of human contemplative experience.


The Jonang Foundation

Ongoing research on the sites, master biographies, and material culture of the Jonang tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. This involves documenting, curating, and translating texts from the Jonang tradition and making available in the digital library of the Jonang Foundation website.

The Jonang Foundation is a non-profit support organization, international network, and online educational resource for the Jonang tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. We advance research and scholarship on the Jonang, and host educational and cultural preservation initiatives that sustain and enliven this distinct tradition within contemporary contexts.