Wednesday, November 28th 
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm (in English)

Michael Sheehy
Head of Research, TBRC

This workshop is designed to introduce the TBRC’s digital research library resources to the Tibetan studies community. The workshop is threefold: (1) An information session about TBRC with introduction to the historical work of Gene Smith, and the extent of TBRC resources and services; (2)  Practical training for how to navigate and conduct research in the TBRC Library; (3) Discussion of the models of knowledge deployed to access the TBRC Library based on our methods of analyzing Tibetan literature, including genre and subject taxonomies, biographical data and social relations, geographic coordinates, bibliographic information, lexical tools, and both searchable and scanned texts. The workshop seeks to inform and further a network of affiliated scholars and collaborators to contribute to the preservation of Tibetan literature and enrichment of the TBRC Library. All are welcome!


RSVP to [email protected] or call (617) 354-7900
Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center is located in Harvard Square
1430 Massachusetts Ave., 5th Fl., Cambridge, MA 02138
This workshop will also be available live online. Contact TBRC for login details. 

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