“Translating Buddhist Luminaries: A Conference on Ecumenism and Tibetan Translation”
At the University of Colorado, Boulder
April 18-20, 2013

The conference includes a distinguished panel that is free and open to the public:

Ecumenism in Tibet
A Panel with Ringu Tulku & Visiting Scholars
7pm on Thursday, April 18th
British Studies Room on 5th floor of Norlin Library at UC, Boulder

Sarah Harding, Naropa University
Michael Sheehy, Tibetan Buddhist Resource Center
Douglas Duckworth, East Tennessee State University

Holly Gayley, University of Colorado at Boulder

In nineteenth-century Tibet, a circle of Buddhist luminaries worked tirelessly to collect a compile a wide range of teachings in order to preserve their distinctive practice traditions. These collections and the ecumenical impulse they represent have been important to preserving Tibet’s unique tantric heritage in the diaspora. What was the approach to ecumenism among these luminaries? How has their approach and legacy impacted Tibetan Buddhism as it has grown and taken root beyond the Tibetan plateau? How should we understand the ongoing significance of their work?

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Center for Asian Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder
Tsadra Foundation Blog